Our club is part of the oldest car club in the world. The Antique Automobile Automobile Club of America was established in 1935.
Our club was established as a chapter of the Lawrence Region in 2018 with 22 members.
Since that time, our club has grown to over 85 members and obtained regional status in
2020 from the national association. Our region encompasses the entire KC metro area and beyond.


Share our hobby and love of classic automobiles with fellow members.
Promote our club to others who share our interest in classic automobiles.
Promote and organize outings to car shows plus other functions.
Build the interest of youth into our hobby.
Follow the guidelines of the National AACA.

Mid-America AACA

Mid-America AACA Officers for 2023
President: Bonnie Johnson            816-726-9780       jbillybob562@aol.com 

Vice-President: Dan McGrath          913-787-4418      danscargarage@gmail.com
Secretary: Sharon Cygan                816-604-9948      sacygan64@gmail.com
Treasurer: Paul Williamson             816-529-0426      pawmew54@gmail.com
Member-at Large: Gary Crispin       816-918-7258      gcrispin51@att.net
Newsletter: Martie Kernodle            816-686-6700      editormidamerica@gmail.com
Membership: Meredith Williamson  816-456-7727      pawmew54@gmail.com
Regional Dues: Paul Williamson      816-529-0426      pawmew54@gmail.com
Webmaster: Tom Wedbush              913-669-5544      tmw.west@att.net


Mid-America AACA Founding Members
Boyle, Jack and Penny
Crispin, Gary and Konnie
Cygan, Jerry and Sharon
Edwards, Jim and Ally
Flick, Steve
Hall, Fred and Toni
Johnson, Bill and Bonnie
Kovachevich, Chris and Janice
Kermodle, Jon and Martie
King, Jack and Jane
Klafia, Fred and Zeny
Kressmann, Norman and Margaret
Nail, Jerry and Lavonne
Norman, Tom and Marsha
Pirch, Ricky and Pam
Radford, Dennis and Linda
Ricker, Tom
Roberts, Dennis and Cindy
Streeby, Jim and Laura
Yoder, Roscoe

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